Comefrom0x10, pronounced “Come from sixteen” and commonly abbreviated to just “Cf0x10” is a programming language dedicated to bringing the awesome power of the comefrom statement into the modern age. Inspired by ComeFrom2 and Come Here, Comefrom0x10 advances the state of the art by embracing the structured programming movement.

Comefrom0x10 features:

  • Named identifiers!
  • Structured programming!
  • Lexical closure!
  • Clean, modern syntax!
  • Memory management!

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Hello world

It can’t get much simpler:

'hello world'

If you are coming from another language

Cf0x10 will be familiar and easily understood by anyone familiar with languages of equivalent expressiveness, like Perl, Java and MUMPS.

  • Built-in types are string and number
  • Values zero and the empty string are falsy
  • Undefined variables implicitly coerced to a value of the correct type where necessary, so n = n + 1 is 0 + 1 when n is undefined
  • Assignment is illegal in if conditions.
  • Indentation, blank lines and comments are syntactically significant. Cf0x10 doesn’t throw away your precious code. But, unlike Python, where spaces versus tabs can create confusion, cf0x10 only allows spaces for indentation.
  • No more confusion about case sensitivity: Cf0x10 only allows lowercase identifiers. Of course, this will still be half confusing because string comparison is case-sensitive.
  • No need for traditional method overloading because the power of comefrom allows you to use the same block name as many times as you please for different purposes
  • Strongishly typed

Best of breed influences

  • Outputs expressions not otherwise captured, as in PowerShell
  • Even less noisy syntax than Python
  • Space is an operator, as in CSS
  • No fatal errors, as in JavaScript/browser/on error resume next

Why use Comefrom0x10?

It is well known that reading programs is often harder than writing them. The power of the comefrom statement, however, encourages programmers to avoid deeply-nested control structures and makes cf0x10 programs much easier to read than they are to write. [1]

Business-friendly licensing, under the WTFPL

Comefrom0x10 programs are, on average, shorter than programs written in other languages. [2]

Designed from the start with full Unicode support, including astral plane characters (handle emoji with ease). No more mucking about with surrogate pairs, no legacy non-Unicode cruft.

Ready for quantum computing: see CUM 1: Schrödinger’s conditionals.

[1]To the extent permitted by law, the author makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding whether the aforementioned programs are understandable by humans
[2]Not necessarily programs of equivalent functionality.